GRDS 701:Unit 3, Blog Entry 2

This semester is really testing my time management. I knew as I prepared to apply I knew having a grasp on how to manage my time at work, home, and school was critical to my success…and sanity. As I approach having a year of grad school under my belt and a little over a year to go I am at a vital point in my education. I know it is not impossible to work full time and go to school full time – I just need to plan ahead. That is it key. In order to help me get ideas on how to better manage my time I like to check out the  articles on The last article I read was about how we can be our biggest barrier, self-sabotaging our tasks. I could definitely relate. One point I am going to try was about priorities:

De-prioritize results and acknowledge progress

When you start to notice yourself worrying about what people will think about your finished product, you can tell yourself these truths:

  • Doing something is better than doing nothing.
  • This is only a draft—I can always come back and edit it.
  • I can’t know whether or not people will be happy, but I can focus on doing what I know how to do well.

By focusing on the process instead of the results, you’ll create a safe environment for gradual progress toward your ultimate goal.

I have been doing things just to get them done – be it office work, freelance and even school. Hopefully by applying some of these I will have a more productive (and less stressful) quarter.


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