GRDS 701:Unit 4, Blog Entry 1

The discusses a number of design thinking methods in its Bootcamp Bootleg. I found

Interview preparation and journey map. I have had the opportunity to use some of these methods on assignments and they really helped develop my solutions.

Interview preparation is exactly what it suggests. When conducting an interview the goal is to have questions answered that will aid in your project development. Preparing these questions also saves time and helps keep the interview moving forward. The suggests grouping questions into themes, which prevents scattering during the interview. I think this method would be best applied to answer questions surrounding problems and issues we as want to apply to others – especially if we are attempting to solve the problem as an outsider looking in. When I conducted my research paper on the importance of design education, I interview 3 sets of people – a senior design student, a recent grad, and 2 hiring managers/directors. The goal was to find out what aspects of design education was most important to each group and how their values compared.

The journey map method reminded me of the interview preparation but with a more interactive aspect. It takes the questions answered to a more personal level and shows how the answers are reached. I did not use this method for my design education paper, but if I had I know what approach I would take, particularly for the student responses. I could map out the student journey from first year to graduation or more specifically first internship to first professional job in the field. I could use the collected information to develop a guide for other students to use to prepare for a transition from the classroom to the office.

Right now I do not use and particular methodology, just working my way through the different ones to understand how to better reach my audience and solve the problems of the world. I am particularly interested in the journey map as it will give the chance to experience and “walk in the shoes” of my audience.


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