GRDS 702: Unit 4, Blog 1: Exploration A, part 6

Last week’s collaboration with my partner lead to some great word expansions and associations for me to build ideas for my project. Although I was able to make associations between all three words I was a little lost on the type of project I would propose. After seeing an example I had a better idea of the direction I needed to take. The overall subject I decided to work with is music education programs in grade school. All three of my words had a connection to music in addition to  themes of freedom, opportunity and coming together. Once I had a base I began to think about how to visually represent the message and a collective name. I decide on “More than Melody” which speaks to music education’s impact on student’s academic performances outside the music room. I found research and stats on how music has contributed to the success of student math,  reading and even social development. I idea is to visually communicate that with music students can enhance their academic experience. For the visual representation I will highlight the stats found with fusion graphics to show how musics impacts more than sound, but a greater foundation in academics.


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