GRDS 701: Unit 5, Blog Entry 1: Graphic Design Definition Revisited

Over the past few weeks I have encountered many new experience that are part of the graphic design process. In the past, and even at my current job my essential priority is just the design – aesthetics, composition – that’s it. Through our projects I have encountered collaboration, literature reviews, research, copy writing/editing and more. I knew about this elements, but they are usually handle by another group and handed over to me for design. Working through the entire process from the beginning gives me a deeper understanding of the message I am working to communicate. One area I have really expanding on is design thinking. In Standford’s d.School bootcamp bootleg we are given a working guide to understand the different areas of thinking. The breakdown of the mindsets was the section I enjoyed the most – I liked the ideas each offered, but was excited to apply them to my process. I have always heard and been aware of Design thinking and research in design but because I have to work so fast on projects outside of school I never thought about integrating them into my process. Now that I have a better idea of all the different components and mindsets I have a better starting point and direction. I think this foundation with help guide my process, giving me access to deeper thoughts and messages I can then translate and communicate these messages to my audience.


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