GRDS 702: Unit 5, Blog 1 – Exploration A

Working on this last part of project A has been one of my favorite in design and process. I like that I did not know exactly where the project was going at the start of the process. This allowed me to do a lot of thinking about the message. the final solution was definitely an “ah-ha” moment. Once I had the subject of music I knew I wanted to do something that would promote change and bring about awareness to music education. I understood the feedback from my peers but initially did not agree with it all. Color is one of my favorite area of the design process – it is what I use to capture the attention of the audience. I was told the colors should be toned down in the initial round. I thought having too much white would cause the design to get lost in its environment but the point was the color was distracting to the legibility. I also needed to make some adjustments to my logo to ensure the words are read in the intended order. I think the feedback really helped me see how things I think look good may not be the most effective for my intended audiences.



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