Solidifying my topic

I feel I have made a good amount of progress in determining the direction of my thesis topic. The exercises and précis really helped my analyze and understand my articles and what to look for in a reliable source. I am focusing on the use of nostalgia in sports based design . Based on the articles I have read so far there seems to be some hesitation in the design world to the idea of anything that uses reference of “retro” or “vintage”. While I do like these elements I understand they have been used a great deal for their visual style. In some cases nostalgia is used without considering changes in time and how a design may be received. One example I came across was Appalachian State going back to their old mascot. While the idea behind the decision had good intentions it may have been wise to update the design so it would appeal to more people. There are elements of the old mascot that reflect the school’s past but the overall view was the design looked too unrefined to be the face of the athletics department. If it was just for a limited time or anniversary the feedback may not have been as harsh.

Screenshot 2014-01-30 20.14.18

I want to focus on the feelings associated with nostalgia paired with the energy of the sports experience and how design is used to create the experience. Some questions I am looking at are: What makes nostalgia work? When is it appropriate? as well as this idea of creatine “instant nostalgia” with the use of vintage and retro design treatments. I have found several articles that offer opinions and considerations when using nostalgia in design. I have also found a case study on the use of nostalgic design in sports facilities which is a major part of the sports audience experience. The more I research and read the more I begin to make connections – this is the exciting part. I  have a few contacts in sports design, marketing and media I will be reaching out to soon to provide more perspectives as well as a fans point of view.  Even though their job is to present the brand of a particular team they are also fans. They know what they want as fan as well what other fans are looking for. I found a few books at the library I will be checking out this weekend along with reading the rest of the articles I found. After I complete the concept map draft I hope to make even more connections.


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