Connecting with Creatives

Busy week in the office, but I was able to connect with one of the designers on my list. I am interviewing Justin LaRosa – I wrote about him in last week’s post. We both went to NC State for undergrad – our studios were next to each other. During our initial conversation he told me about a few sites to check out of other designers specializing in athletic-based design:
Doubleday and Cartwright
Mickey Duzyj
I Love Dust

We are trying to schedule a time to go over interview questions now. I think he will really help me make connections between how the past and nostalgia influence design today in in the future. I still plan to interview the other designers on my list as resources. I have scheduled another one next week with Will Dannelly who is in the Marketing department at NASCAR. He also works AP to cover sporting events in Charlotte so he has a good grasp on sports culture and its appeal. Most of them are the creative directors and designers for professional and college sports programs. Despite their common area they each seem to bring a unique aspect and style to the design. Most have done some type of project that uses historical and vintage images I am doing write ups on 5 of them but below is my initial list. Some of them I have been able to connect with in the past on Behance and Twitter. They offered great feedback when I first began trying athletic based design. Just speaking with Justin and the other designers has really been an inspiring experience. Looking at their work is one thing, but have the chance to hear them talk about how their brought the idea together was great. Their insight and advice is something I definitely plan to use beyond the thesis research.

Justin LaRosa –
Matt Stevens –
Will L. Wyss
Matt Lange –
Raul Ferran  –
Benjamin Mayberry –
Chris Modarelli –
Buddy Overstreet –
Tony Tucker –
Kristopher Bazen –
Josh Whiteside –
Aaron Dewey –
Will Dannelly


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